Octopus Girl


What is Octopus Girl?

Octopus Girl is an artistic image showing a Japanese women interacting with an Octopus. The work is said to have originated in the early 1800s by the Japanese artist Hokusai, a highly accomplished producer of adult art. The octopus depicted in Octopus Girl is believed to be a variety local to coast line of north eastern Japan. It is said that in Japan at the time such works were treated with such reverence that they could only be viewed by Samurai. Octopus Girls a famous shock site that has been compared to 1 Man 1 Jar and TubGirl.

Although the storyline of the image is simple and the art work quite comic-like, the image itself has some complex themes. Most notably, the theme of the place of human beings in nature is examined in Octopus Girl. It raises several questions about ocean pollution and the nuclear industry.

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